Will It Still Matter in 50 Years?

What have you done today that will still matter in 50 years? That is a question I once wrote in the center of a poster I made at a leadership course. The facilitator asked us to draw our life on the page. Our personal life. Our professional life. Our goals. Our priorities. Our responsibilities. The […]

Once Said, Forever Preserved

When I was a young boy my family had a furniture console that occupied much of our small living room. It looked like a big chest with doors and fake drawers. It housed an AM radio, a record player that queued three long playing vinyl albums, and a little black and white Zenith television that […]

Share Your Vision for 21st-Century Students with Humble ISD

By Dr. Elizabeth Fagen Superintendent of Schools What’s your vision? As Humble ISD’s new superintendent, I have received that question many times.  However, from years of experiences, I learned that the vision for a school district must come from the entire community, not just one person. Each community is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all […]

Jesse H Jones Park And Nature Center

Jesse H. Jones Park and Nature Center, a premier Harris County Precinct 4 nature preserve of over 300 acres, is open daily to visitors, free of charge. The park features a variety of plant and wildlife species, white sand beaches along Spring Creek, swamps and sloughs with century-old cypress trees, and a pristine floodplain hardwood […]