It’s Great to be a Grandfather

I use to joke that I wasn’t old enough to be a grandfather little did I know all the fun I was missing out on.

Janice and I had been married for ten years when our first daughter was born and four year later we were blessed with our second daughter. Being forty when the last daughter arrived I knew there wasn’t going to be any grandchildren until I was around sixty.

My dad had always said, “If you could have the grandkids first you would just skip over the kids”.

I wasn’t sure how to take that because I didn’t see how I could possibly love my grandkids more than my daughters. I know he was just joking, but I had heard others say the same thing. Then I had to stop and think, do I love one daughter more than the other? No, that is not conceivable for a loving parent. You may have to discipline one different than the other because of their personality, but they are part of my life and will always be important to me.

When our first grandchild was born I didn’t even think, “Now I am old enough to be a grandparent”. All I could think about was this is a special day! My first grandchild is here. I remember when Janice and I reached the hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas tears of joy came to my eyes as I held the precious little baby boy.

Four special grandsons are now enriching my life and give me more reasons to live and the opportunity to pour into their lives. When they ask, “Pawpaw, can we come home with you,” what can I say, but “Yes”?  I love their hugs and kisses. Making memories, reading, and spending time doing fun things with them are highlights for me.

Last week Janice and I were at the park with all four grandsons and our younger daughter.  The boys were enjoying all the equipment at the park; swings, slides, zip line, etc. It was a challenge keeping up with where all of them were and spending a little time with each of them. Shortly before we left a lady came walking up to me.  I thought she was going to tell me one of the boys had done something wrong, but I was pleasantly surprised when she said, “I just want to tell you what a good grandfather you are.”

Am I the prefect grandfather?  No!  I am sure there are others who surpass me, but no one can love their grandchildren more than I do.  It’s great to be a grandfather!